The software for the management and sale of climbing pictures.

Sportpxl enable photographers to share quickly and efficiently climbing pictures

In order to generate additional income for the club, Sportpxl allows me to sell photos of each match to players and managers of opposing clubs. I directly perform the pictures uploading on the sotware.   Rugby pictures are available  few hours after the end of the game. Moreover , it’s easier and more clear for club managers to sort all photos coming from several photographers.

Jean-Michel Rouyer

Photographer for RUGBY CLUB DE LAS (France)

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MANAGE ALL  YOUR climbing SEASON’s pictures

FOR ONLY €99*.

* Limited to 5000 photos

Create an album per competiton and store your photos

By classifying your photos by competition in your space, easily find all the photos taken by the photographers present on event days and broadcast them on your website, social network accounts or by sms and email to your climbers and fans.

Climbers identification

Sportpxl indentify automatically climbers by bib number. Then sort your pictures by climbers

Broadcast & sell

3 ways to broadcast efficiently your pictures from Sportpxl:

– with URL’s album to share it on social network

-integrate pictures on your website with the Iframe code

– with email and sms uploading contact directly on your album

All features of Sportpxl

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Sportpxl for more sports

Running, trail, raid
Cycling, MTB, BMX
Ski, snowboard
Horse riding
Surf, bodyboard
And more...
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