Automatic Athlete Identification Solution for Photos

Discover our automatic athlete identification solution designed to simplify the management and organization of your photos. With our advanced AI-based technology that combines facial recognition and participant number (bib) reading, quickly and accurately identify athletes in your images, enhancing the visibility and value of every sporting moment.

AI & Image Analysis : How Does It Work?

The integration of advanced facial recognition and bib detection technologies, specifically designed for sports events, allows for automatic identification of athletes in each photo. Whether through facial recognition or bib numbers, Sportpxl can recognize and tag each participant, providing efficient management of your photo albums.

Bib numbers are automatically detected, and facial recognition provides necessary corrections. This solution is ideal for running, trail running, triathlon, and cycling events.

Facial recognition automatically groups all photos of an athlete and generates a portfolio. Then, simply name each athlete to facilitate searching. This solution is ideal for equestrian events, rhythmic gymnastics, and rugby tournaments.

At the beginning of the season, the club creates a roster portfolio. Each athlete is then automatically recognized across all albums throughout the season. This solution is ideal for football, rugby, volleyball, and basketball.

Vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, cars, boats) are automatically detected, and then the participant number is read, facilitating the identification of competitors.

An unprecedented experience for your athletesthanks to automatic recognition.

Accurate athlete identification in photos is essential for providing an exceptional experience to your clients and participants. With athlete identification in photos by Sportpxl, capture every important moment and ensure that each participant is accurately represented in your photo albums. Ensure that each photo is seen by the participants.


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So every athlete can find their photo in record time

Sportpxl allows you to harness each of the photos taken during the event and offer them almost instantly to the people involved. Athletes can find themselves by entering their name, participant number, sorting by tags, and even uploading their selfie.

The Benefits of Automatic Recognition

  • Customization

    By identifying each athlete in the photos, you can personalize the experience for each participant by providing them with unique memories of their performances.

  • Ease of Search

    With our identification system, your clients and participants can easily find and access their photos using their name or bib number.

  • Marketing

    Grâce à l'identification, Sportpxl vous permet de relier une photo à un nom, un contact pour proposer des photos de manière personnalisée sur du multicanal (sms et email, résultaThrough identification, Sportpxl enables you to link a photo to a name and contact information, offering personalized photo delivery across multiple channels (SMS and email, race results, competition management software, etc.)ts de courses, logiciel de gestion de compétitions etc etc)

They use sportpxl

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