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Manage, share, and monetize your event and sports club photo albums with our online application
Our AI-based technology and automatic image analysis simplify the management of your sports photos.

Sportpxl at the Service
of All Sports Stakeholderst

Thanks to an advanced combination of athlete recognition algorithms and modular services, the Sportpxl online solution meets all the needs of the sports ecosystem. Whether you are an event organizer, professional photographer, sports club, or federation, benefit from automatic athlete identification for optimized image bank management.


Customize the distribution of your work and maximize your sales.


Centralize your event photos and customize their distribution.

Sports club

Create a portfolio and automatically identify your members in all your photos.


Centralize your sports photo bank, simplify its management, and streamline distribution.

How does it work ?

In just a few minutes, create a personalized album, upload your photos, and add tags: Sportpxl and its algorithms take care of the rest. Easily distribute your photos across multiple channels, your website, or event results to reach a broad audience.

  • Bib reading

    Assign participant names using bib number reading and distribute photos via SMS and email

  • Facial recognition

    Group photos by faces for simplified photo search

  • Tag photos

    Organize your album with tags to facilitate access to photos (podiums, volunteers, officials...)

  • Sales module

    Monetize your photos by offering the right photos to the right participants

  • Distribution of photos

    Distribute your photos across multiple channels: link, email, SMS, widget, integration into results, and album registration.

  • GDPR Management & Image Rights

    Easily delete photos of one or multiple participants in seconds using identification.


Photos processed


Covered events




Visits per month

Turn your athletes into

With the guarantee that each participant can find their photos in seconds through multiple channels, extend the enjoyment of your event by showcasing the athletes’ efforts

AI & Image Analysis : Sportpxl's Identification Solution

Our cutting-edge AI technology offers a comprehensive range of authentication algorithms to meet the unique needs of the sports ecosystem. Discover how we simplify photo management with our advanced solutions:

Bibs are automatically detected, and facial recognition makes necessary adjustments. This solution is ideal for running, trail running, triathlon, and cycling.

Facial recognition automatically groups all photos of an athlete and generates a portfolio. Simply name each athlete to facilitate search. This solution is ideal for equestrian events, rhythmic gymnastics, and rugby tournaments.

At the beginning of the season, the club creates a roster portfolio of its team. Each athlete is then automatically recognized across all albums throughout the season. This solution is ideal for football, rugby, volleyball, and basketball

Vehicles (bicycle, motorcycle, car, boat) are automatically detected, and then the participant number is read, facilitating competitor identification.

Case studies

Discover how Sportpxl helps RC strengthen engagement with its members and community of supporters by simplifying access to match photos.
RC Las
Explore how Sportpxl helps the Belgian agency Wilderness Visual save valuable time and increase revenue through the full utilization of Sportpxl's features.
Wildness Visual
Loic Laridant
Discover how the Rennes Green Marathon leverages Sportpxl to provide memorable photos free of charge to its participants.
Marathon Vert de Rennes

They use Sportpxl.

You capture the sports emotion, Sportpxl takes care of the rest.

At Sportpxl, we firmly believe in the power of sports and imagery to inspire, connect, and transform communities. Our technology and deep understanding of sports events empower photographers like you to excel in your profession and passion. By preserving the authenticity of sports images and making them more accessible and impactful, our community of photographers contributes to promoting sports at all levels and advancing sports organizations.

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