Which events are the most profitable to sell your sports pictures?

As a photographer looking to profit from your shots, whether it be for your company or a sports association, it can be difficult to know which events are the most profitable for selling your sports photos to participants in competitions. This article is written from the experience of our community to help you find the most profitable events for selling and distributing your sports photos.

Although endurance sports are the most represented in shots sold to participants, other sports such as equestrian, mountain biking, BMX and motorsports can also be profitable.

Here is a list of tips for preparing your schedule by selecting events with the highest potential for sports photo sales:

  • Target the largest number of participants: marathons or half-marathons on the road are the most popular running events that often attract thousands of runners and spectators. Runners and their loved ones are interested in buying photos of their participation in the race.
  • With the possibility of selling on site: on-site sales are the best way to reach customers under the influence of endorphins. With or without a printer, offer participants at the competition site access to your album classified by bib number or name and first name to distribute your photos.
  • Photogenic: extreme sports like enduro or DH mountain biking, motocross or visually striking sports like triathlons are excellent ways to make good sales.
  • Group photos: where people can have themselves photographed as a team: group or multiple subject photos with affinities sell three times more than an individual photo. Do not hesitate to take groups at the finish line during mass events or as teams like in cross-country or team triathlons.
  • Target children! parents never refuse a photo of their child in action: make sure to distribute the photos on site. Equestrian, cross-country or gymnastics are excellent ways to reach the hearts of parents! Always ask the organization for permission to photograph children and do not distribute the photos on your social networks.

Easy photo processing: with minimal retouching and with clear bib numbers, bibs or distinctive signs to facilitate quick online access to photos through an automatic recognition solution.

(Stupid)Bonus 7! Where the weather is going to be nice! You will sell a lot more photos on sunny days, but that… you won’t be able to do much about it except cancel your service!

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Finally, here are some ideas of events on which the shots can generate great sales potential provided they are well distributed. We hope this article has been useful to you, do not hesitate to contact us with your comments!

Some examples of sporting events to sell your photos:

  • Photos of endurance sports: the basis for selling to participants
  • Marathon and half marathon
  • Triathlon, duathlon, Swimrun and XTERRA
  • Cross-country, trail and ultra-trail
  • Fun sporting events such as Fadas, Mudday or Frappadingue
  • Motorsports: few participants, but big sales baskets


– race on motorcycle circuit

– car/motorcycle driving course

– go-karting

  • Winter sport :
  • Alpine Skiing Competition
  • Cross-Country Skiing Competitions
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