Sport Photographer: 5 tips for effectively sharing Your shots

As an event organizer or professional photographer looking to sell your shots, it can be difficult to broadcast your photos to attendees, especially if you are an independent photographer and do not have access to the spreadsheet of racer’s contacts. It can be tricky to make yourself known to runners and spectators and to offer your photos effectively. This requires putting in place a suitable marketing and communication strategy and knowing how to present your work professionally. But by following some simple tips and being persistent, you will be able to increase your sales among event participants and fully monetize your photographic work carried out at the sporting event site.

Here’s how to implement these tips for selling sports photos:

1: Prepare your race’s calendar (see article on how to choose a bankable race) based on the agreements you have found with organizers: use contact databases to make personalized campaigns of your photos to participants by email or relay your work in the different newsletters and posts to runners. This is an element not to underestimate in your sales potential: an organizer who doesn’t want to communicate about your photos before and quickly after the event will deprive you of many sales.

2: Create album of your future shoot a few days before the event: by creating the album of the race as early as possible, you will have more time to organize your photos and put them online before the event. This will also allow you to promote your album among runners and spectators before, during and after the race. How?

Thanks to QR code technology integrating your album link. QR code is a convenient way for runners and spectators to quickly get access to your album by scanning the code with their mobile phone on site. Print several copies of the QR code and place them in sevral strategic race’s location  (registration, finish line, results display area, refreshment area, etc.). Placing a flyer with this QR code in the bib bags will also gain you many sales.

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3:  Offer a registration solution by email to be informed of the online posting of your photos: ask runners and their loved ones to provide their email address to be informed of the online posting of your photos. This will allow you to inform them of the availability of your photos and encourage them to buy your sport pictures.

4: Talk about your service to the event’s  speaker. This person is an excellent communication relay for your work to attract people to your online album.

5:  Effectively share your work with sorting by name, first name, and bib number: each runner and their loved ones can easily find all their photos. With automatic bib number recognition, you can easily sort photos of each athlete and share them on your social media or also in race results. This will allow athletes to relive their participation in your event and share their photos on social networks.

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Bonus 6. Spread your work in the race results lines. The perfect way to reach the widest possible customer base. Being integrated in the race results ensures double revenue compared to simple on-site communication. To do this, share the link to your album that can be integrated into its results. (For more information, contact us)

By following these tips, you should be able to implement an effective strategy for selling your sports photos. Don’t forget to promote your album on social networks and contact race organizers to offer your photos. Good luck!

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